Related issuers

Canadian securities laws require Richardson GMP to provide disclosure to clients in relation to the underwriting, purchase or sale of a security of a related issuer or a connected issuer1 during a distribution. These rules require dealers and advisors to inform clients of the relevant relationships and connections with the issuers of the securities prior to making a trade or providing investment advice with respect to the security.

Related and connected issuer disclosure will be provided in writing and in the case of a discretionary managed account, written consent from the client will be obtained. Richardson GMP will make the required disclosures in the following manner:
  • when Richardson GMP underwrites securities, the required disclosure will be contained in the prospectus;
  • when Richardson GMP buys or sells securities for a client, the required disclosure will be contained in the confirmation of the trade; and
  • when Richardson GMP advises the client with respect to the purchase or sale of securities of a related or connected issuer, the disclosure will be contained in the confirmation of the trade.

Richardson GMP has a related party which is a reporting issuer: GMP Capital Inc.

Richardson GMP has a connected issuer: Purpose Fund Corp. Richardson GMP is the adviser to mutual funds issued by Purpose Fund Corp.

CQI Capital Management L.P. is a related entity to Richardson GMP through common ownership of GMP Capital Inc.

CQI Capital Management L.P. is registered to manage, advise, and distribute securities of mutual funds.

1 The test to determine if an issuer and Richardson GMP are related is whether Richardson GMP exercises a controlling influence over the issuer or the issuer exercises a controlling influence over Richardson GMP through the ownership of or control over voting shares. Richardson GMP and an issuer are connected if the relationship between the issuer (or a related issuer to it) and Richardson GMP may lead a reasonable investor to question the independence of the parties in relation to the trade or investment advice. Greater detail about related and connected issuers can be found in National Instrument 33-105 – Underwriting Conflicts.