Susan Latremoille, Director, Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor, Toronto 
"Being a partner at Richardson GMP is a breath of fresh air. An entrepreneurial culture, respected colleagues, and a real mission to serve the wealth planning needs of HNW clients are just three of the reasons I’m glad I joined the firm.”


Douglas Goodman, Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager, Toronto

Philip Richmond, Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager, Toronto
"By being Partners at Richardson GMP, we have the knowledge that our executive team is as proud to grow with us, as we are with them. This culture is well-established in our founding firms and with a young and dynamic leadership focused on product innovation and client service.

Our Partners share a resolute determination to foster a unique and strong culture that is closely networked with the broader financial community. Having successfully grown our enterprise in all competitive environments, it makes Richardson GMP distinctively Canadian, and independent.

Our experience is that at Richardson GMP promises are kept, and Partners and staff are treated fairly, equitably and with respect. Richardson GMP enjoys a genuine spirit of partnership and a ‘can do’ attitude, that we have not seen elsewhere."


John and Rebecca Horwood, Directors, Wealth Management, Investment Advisors, Toronto
Richardson GMP is about being able to serve our clients’ best interest. As Partners we own our practice and there is no pressure to use in-house products – we choose the investments and solutions  to best match clients’ financial goals and objectives. We have access to cutting edge in-house resources and highly sought after, world class investment and fund managers. Our Tax & Estate Planning professionals have helped our clients with complex needs – the end result is stronger relationships. Through GMP Capital, Advisors have the ability to talk directly to analysts and traders to discuss ideas and our clients enjoy superior trade execution. Richardson GMP’s independence and entrepreneurial culture is a win for Advisors and for our clients. There is no other firm like this in Canada.

John and Rebecca Horwood

David Friesen, CIM, AIFPTM, Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager, Calgary
“ By nature many Top PMs have a unique or individualistic investment philosophy that guides their practice. Richardson GMP empowers PMs to run their models smoothly and in a flexible manner, which greatly enhances their ability to manage risk and performance. I deeply value the  open architecture platform and the voice that Partners have had in building the firm and its policies. Richardson GMP’s commitment to its discretionary platform and our PM management group’s depth of knowledge and can-do attitude has put this discretionary platform at the very top of the Canadian industry. ”


François J. Beauregard, Director, Wealth Management, Investment Advisor, Montréal
“The entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative management team place Richardson GMP in a class apart. We are proud of what we are building together. As an Investment Advisor, I am a professional and also an entrepreneur, and here my practice can grow accordingly.”


Wayne HukDirector, Wealth Management,
Investment Advisor, Edmonton
"I am grateful that I have had a chance to be part of the RGMP experience. I have enjoyed the process of building a firm that can help the high net-worth client. I am proud of the quality of the partners we have attracted. I am thankful for the leadership of our young executive team - whose interests are totally aligned with my interests. If I ever write an autobiography, the best chapter will be the ‘The RGMP Years.’"


Valerie Wowryk, Director, Wealth Management,
Portfolio Manager, Winnipeg 

“Seasoned Portfolio Managers have identified the service conflict that has developed within this industry. The centralization and commoditization of the investment process, synonymous with the investment counseling business, has limited our ability to provide the most appropriate wealth management solutions to our high net worth clients. Richardson GMP appreciates the dedication Portfolio Managers have given to their profession and in turn is committed to providing the infrastructure and capital market intelligence to allow qualified Portfolio Managers the capability to practice their craft. Personally, it is very satisfying to be able to do the right thing for the right reasons.” 


V. Thane Stenner
, Director, Wealth Management, Investment Advisor, Vancouver
“Richardson GMP has become my “Work Family”. My team loves the sense of entrepreneurial partnership here. We aren’t just employees; we are truly partners building a high value business together – all the while doing so with an independent, client-serving focus and spirit. We get to do what we feel is right for our clients. We feel better aligned with our clients here. If you are looking for truly a great destination – a firm with heart – and want to be part of building something very special, I invite you, as do my partners, to join us.”


René Gendreau
, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Montréal

Christian Noël, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Montréal 
“ Shareholders at Richardson GMP Limited have the same vision: to build an exceptional firm to address the complex needs of our high net worth clients. The respect and trust between shareholders are the core values of the firm. We contribute to a culture where success is a goal shared by all, where communication between management, Portfolio Managers, Investments Advisors and staff bear fruit. We are proud of our entrepreneurial culture and to be shareholders of Richardson GMP.”


Scott Starratt
, Director, Wealth Management,
Portfolio Manager, Calgary

Mark Starratt, Director, Wealth Management,
Portfolio Manager, Calgary 

“When we made the decision to move, then the real work began. We were overwhelmed by the support that we received from the transition team. They have the process nailed down: professional and efficient. At a time that was uncertain for us and for our clients, they stood out to give us the peace of mind that we had made a stellar decision.”

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