“We're proud of the distinction
we've earned as Canada's largest,
independent, wealth management firm.”

Richardson GMP will help you succeed. On your terms.

We are Canada’s largest independent wealth management firm, entrusted with over $28 billion in client assets. Our focus: to protect and enhance your wealth. Our difference: an independent partnership structure that ensures accountability to our clients and alignment with their interests. 

Our Investment Advisors are some of the sharpest minds in the business, and they are backed by substantial in-house expertise to address the wealth management needs particular to affluent families and entrepreneurs: investment and risk management, tax and estate planning, insurance strategies, tax-efficient investing, philanthropic giving, and succession planning for businesses and family homes.

We are proudly Canadian. Fiercely independent. And dedicated to earning and rewarding your trust as stewards of your wealth.


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Andrew Marsh
Hear our CEO explain why we are exceptionally qualified to manage your wealth.

Weekly Market 
  Market Outlook 
  Tax & Estate Planning
Slaughtering the sacred cow
21 August 2015

In this week’s Weekly Market Insights we discuss the problems with energy companies paying extremely high yields they’re cash flow negative, the Chinese economy as well as a look at the impact of back-to-school spending on retailers. 

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Yuan down, more to follow?
14 August 2015

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   Passing the baton 
21 July 2015

Markets have been flat so far this year, largely due to wrestling matches with a Grexit, bubbles in China, soft economic data and Iran dealings. While none have sounded the “all clear” signal, all have made significant progress over the past month. If these ‘macro’ factors fade from the market’s perspective, what is next?

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   Healthcare - Time is of the essence
5 August 2015

In 2012, the average total waiting time to get treatment from a medical specialist was 18 weeks in Canada. If fast medical treatment of a serious illness for yourself, your family or your key employees is a concern, we can help you find a solution. 

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