What’s the best way to work with us? 
Whatever works for you.
We work with a variety of high net worth clients, all with different needs. Some want to be actively involved in investment decisions. Some prefer to delegate the day-to-day management and decision making to their Investment Advisor. Many want us to help them navigate their retirement planning, tax, estate, philanthropic or business succession plans. All of them want the comfort of knowing their personal wealth is in good hands.

No matter what your wealth management needs are, we have some of the most qualified and experienced Investment Advisors to help you. And not only will they manage all the details of your account, they can take a holistic approach considering all of your goals – from investment strategy and getting access to exclusive investment opportunities, to providing complete tax and estate planning. They’ll even tailor communications according to your needs, including face-to-face reviews and timely update calls the way you want, whenever you want them.

Unbiased advice from Canada’s leading Investment Advisors.
We don’t invite just anyone to be part of our Investment Advisor teams. We only seek out the most trusted, most experienced industry leaders who have a track record of success and long-term relationships with their clients. And because we’re an independent firm, our Investment Advisors are empowered to deliver unbiased advice and are not restricted to certain investments or proprietary products – solutions are customized to meet your needs and investment objectives.

You also have a say in how you define your relationship. If you’re the type of investor who likes to be involved in day-to-day decisions, an Investment Advisor is probably your best choice. If you prefer to be less involved, a Portfolio Manager is authorized to make decisions on your behalf based on a mutually agreed upon Investment Policy Statement that provides well-defined guidelines.

Traditional investments to innovative and exclusive opportunities. It’s all about choice.
Traditional investments. Mutual Funds. Fixed income securities. Alternative investment strategies. All supported by superior trade execution capabilities. Our relationship with GMP Securities L.P. gives us access to a wide range of investment solutions and market intelligence:

  • Government and corporate bonds
  • Preferred shares and convertible debentures
  • Canadian, U.S. or international equities
  • Options

Plus, GMP Securities L.P. has their own Fixed Income Trading Desk that ensures we have access to a broad range of instruments at the best price as well as research. What’s more, our insight and knowledge open doors to a range of investment opportunities including real estate, structured and alternative investments and hedging strategies. You’ll also have access to our exclusive managed money platform, conceived and developed by our own Research and Due Diligence Committee. This platform offers access to world class Investment Managers, specialty mandates, adherence to strict portfolio monitoring and enhanced reporting.

Our Investment Advisors will work with you to tailor your portfolio strategy to minimize risk, reduce tax and optimize returns.

Access to superior internal and third party research
Our internal private client research team has access to a vast world of information, including partnerships with GMP group of companies for highly regarded equity and fixed income research as well as other leading, independent third party, global investment firms. Their mandate is to help Investment Advisors identify opportunities and manage the impact of evolving situations to enhance and protect your wealth. 

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