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Market Outlook Quarterly - Q2

As the global investment landscape continues to change, new sets of investment opportunities and risks are emerging.
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Richardson GMP isn’t your typical wealth management firm.

We’re an independent, leading-edge wealth management firm accountable to a very important group of people – our clients.

Our firm has a history of serving some of the most successful families and entrepreneurs in the country. And there’s something distinctly different in the way we do business. For one thing, our Investment Advisor teams consist of some of the sharpest minds in the business, each bringing many years of experience and knowledge to the table. They’re all fully invested in Richardson GMP as owners, so they’ll ensure that the priorities of the business are fully aligned with your priorities. We also believe our client’s best interests are served through innovative and exclusive investment opportunities supported by comprehensive financial planning and wealth planning capabilities. Our depth of resources ensures that you have an integrated approach to address all investment, tax, estate, insurance, philanthropic and business succession needs.


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Andrew Marsh, President & Chief Executive Officer 
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Canadian energy sector - worth another look?
Nice rebound in the markets this week off of last Friday’s lows. The S&P 500 has led the way but the NASDAQ and TSX are not too far behind... download full article 

Buy the dip?
Investment Management Group
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   Playing the second half of the recovery 
The current cycle appears to have matured into a more sustainable and stable path, with improving data points starting to shine through the temporary effects of this winter. Broadening economic growth (led by the U.S.), strong corporate profitability and historically low interest rates should continue to be supportive of equities. However, adjustments need to be made to your overall investment game plan to succeed during the second half of this recovery... download full article


   Reaching retirement goals with fixed income is more and more challenging. Why not consider an insured annuity?

André L'Espérance, Director, Tax & Estate Planning

The combination of a life annuity and a life insurance contract may bring much higher yield of return than other fixed income products. read more